Yes, we are a licensed Health Care Organization (HCO #304700236)
  • The state of California requires all caregiving agencies to register as a Health Care Organization before providing caregiving services. Proper licensing ensures quality care by qualified agencies under the supervision and oversight of proper state authorities. We encourage all patients considering caregiving services to confirm that the caregiving agency they choose is fully licensed and can show you its HCO registration. Unfortunately, there are MANY caregiving agencies throughout the state that operate illegally without proper licensing.
Yes, each of our caregivers is a licensed Home Care Aide
  • We do not hire caregivers unless they are licensed Home Care Aides (HCA), registered with the state of California. Because we place such a high value on quality care, we only employ trained and licensed caregivers that can meet our internal expectations for care quality.
Yes, each of our employees undergoes extensive background screening before they are ever assigned to a patient's home.
  • Our #1 priority is patient safety! We do not assign any caregiver to an assignment unless that caregiver has been screened by an FBI background check.
Yes, we are fully bonded and insured
  • We keep our patients protected from accidents that may happen during the course of providing caregiving services. Whether the accident results in injury to the patient or to the caregiver, we are bonded and insured to protect all parties from unfortunate accidents that may happen. We carry extensive worker’s compensation insurance to protect employees and patients (including patient’s assets) from on-the-job injury claims.
Yes, we employe a deep roster of licensed and qualified caregivers who are ready and available to cover shifts at a moments notice.
  • Due to our extensive training program, we always have a group of caregivers that are not assigned to a case that are ready to begin a new assignment at a moments notice. Although we prefer as much notice as possible, we are nonetheless able to move quickly to find coverage for any assignment on short notice.
Each of our caregivers is a W-2 employee
  • We do not work with independent contractors, nor do we utilize any 3rd party to assist us with caregiving services. This employment practice allows us to have direct control over the quality of care provided, because it allows us to take a direct hands-on approach to training and scheduling.
Yes, each caregiver is required to complete our extensive training program.
  • Each caregiver is required to complete the state of California's mandated 5-hour annual training. This is where most home care agencies stop providing training, but this is where the Absolute Health Care training program actually begins.
  • In addition to the 5-hours required by the state, we require 12 additional hours from each of our caregivers throughout the year. Then, we send our Senior Caregiver out with each caregiver to provide an additional 2-4 hours per month of on-the-job training specific to the Personal Care Plan developed for each patient.
  • So while our competitors (and the state of California) are satisfied with only 5 hours of generic annual training, we require each of our caregivers to complete 30+ hours of case-specific and skill-specific training each year.
Absolute Health Care was originally founded in 1993.
  • We began providing caregiving and home care services in 1993, focussing on Orange County, CA. Since that time, we have forged professional relationships with many facilities, institutions, and health care centers throughout Southern California, allowing us to extend services throughout San Diego, Riverside, San Bernadino, and Los Angeles counties.
Absolute Health Care is privately owned and operated.
  • We are not a franchise, nor do we offer franchise opportunities. Because we are not a franchise, we are fully capable of making our own decisions to ensure that each patient is given a customized Personal Care Plan. We are not constrained by the directives of a franchisor who may have a conflicting business directive, operational strategy, or pricing structure.
We believe that specialization and collaboration lead to better results for our patients
  • Our management approach can be defined as a collective group of specialists. No one individual can master all aspects of a business, so we focus our time, talents, resources, and energy on what we do best individually. Combining these individual strengths towards a common goal leads to better outcomes for our patients.  
  • Our management team is organized as follows:
    • Business Manager
      • Manages and oversees all aspects of business development, business strategy, accounting & finance, compliance, client relations and family relations
    • Case Manager, LVN
      • Manages patient's Personal Care Plans, and ensures caregivers comply with instructions outlined in each patient's Personal Care Plan
      • Oversees quality care by training and supporting Senior Caregivers
      • Manages and oversees all Care Management services
    • Training Supervisor
      • Supervises caregivers (Home Care Aides) and provides ongoing training to support caregiver's efforts to comply with patient's Personal Care Plans
    • Scheduler
      • Manages all aspects of caregiver and patient schedules.
    • Administrative Assistant
      • Assists all team members in their efforts to ensure quality care is provided to each patient. These efforts include clerical and organizational tasks
Each role within our management team is designed to manage the administrative issues associated with providing high-quality caregiving services. Due to the efforts and contributions of the management team, the caregivers are able to focus 100% of their time and energy on the patients they have been entrusted with.
Yes, we believe strongly that tracking our efforts and performance leads to better results for our patients.
  • After the initial assessment, a detailed Personal Care Plan is developed for each patient, containing the patient's current medical information. As caregivers are assigned to any case, they are expected to understand the patient's Personal Care Plan, and follow the instructions of the plan in order to ensure a successful outcome for the patient. Caresheets are provided to caregivers to notate the care provided to patients on a daily basis, which may be used by doctors or other medical professionals as they are brought in to provide additional healthcare services for the patient.
  • "When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates. (Thomas Monson)
We set the bar high for our caregivers, because our patients expect nothing but the best from Absolute Health Care
  • Each caregiver must be able to meet the following expectations:
    • Must be legally authorized to work in the United States with a valid SSN or TIN
    • Must be HCA licensed and registered with the state of California
    • Must have completed California HCA training requirements
    • Must be willing to complete the Absolute Health Care ongoing training program (30+ hours per year)
    • Minimum 2-years caregiving experience in the United States
    • Reference checked to ensure honesty and experience
    • Must be proficient in English and the language requested by the patient (if applicable)
    • Must be able to pass a health screening (TB test)
    • Acceptable background screen results
Yes, our in-house LVN and Training Supervisor schedule regular check-ups and training to ensure caregivers are following the patient's Personal Care Plan.
  • Additionally, caregiver notes are submitted to the office and reviewed regularly as another opportunity for management to oversee quality care, and to ensure the caregivers are providing the care requested by the patient. Reassessments are provided to patients on an ongoing basis throughout the patient's time with us.
Yes, our office lines are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.
  • We understand that emergencies may arise after regular office hours, and help may be needed to coordinate patient care. If an emergency or urgent matter arises that cannot wait until the next business day, then we are available to answer phone calls and coordinate responses as needed. After business hours, the office phones are forwarded to the company cell phone which is carried by a member of management at all times.

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